The golfing App for the competitive recreational golfer
Compete against other golfers across Canada, no matter on which course you play, or how well you play. Let our system track your performance. Qualify for our year end tournament for cash and prizes.
Navigate the App and take it for a test drive. When you are ready to play a game, pay your annual user fee of $12.99 to get started on your race to the top of the Leaderboard. Year-end cash and prizes for winners.
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The Perfect Game
Golfers play by themselves to hone their accuracy and skills while adding points to the Leaderboard.
Golf Stars
Golf Stars is METAGOLF’s feature game. It's a game for two people competing head-to-head on the golf course. Games are auto-scored hole-by-hole as you enter your ball position information online through the app.
App users get to set up their own 4-person Mini-Tournament playing against each other using the app on the specific selection of golf courses listed. Be open to accepting invitations from other players to play in their Mini-Tournaments. Play often. Play to win. Winners score extra points getting them into the top 16 on the Leaderboard faster.