When you follow the prompts in conjunction with the GPS that determines your current middle of green distance remaining and distance from your last shot, scoring is automatic within the App. Scoring is a percentage of shots made vs shots missed. If you make all your shots, you receive a 100% score and if you miss all your shots you receive a 0% score.
Game Played Points
Complete The Perfect Golf game. 5
Complete a Golf Stars game. 10
Complete and win a Golf Stars game. 15
Game Played Points
Invitational Tournament play 4th place. 20
Invitational Tournament play 3rd place. 35
Invitational Tournament play 2nd place. 50
Invitational Tournament play winner. 80
Game Played Points
Open Tournament 2 Player 2nd place. 10
Open Tournament 2 Player winner. 15
Game Played Points
Open Tournament 4 Player 4th place. 10
Open Tournament 4 Player 3rd place. 10
Open Tournament 4 Player 2nd place. 35
Open Tournament 4 Player winner. 50
Game Played Points
Open Tournament 8 Player 8th place. 10
Open Tournament 8 Player 7th place. 10
Open Tournament 8 Player 6th place. 10
Open Tournament 8 Player 5th place. 10
Open Tournament 8 Player 4th place. 35
Open Tournament 8 Player 3rd place. 35
Open Tournament 8 Player 2nd place. 50
Open Tournament 8 Player winner. 80
Bonus points awarded if you reach 85% in any game. 100
When your game score is 85% or higher, you are automatically moved to the next level. Everyone starts at Level 1.
Level Yardage Needed
1 100 Yards
2 125 Yards
3 150 Yards
4 175 Yards
5 200 Yards
Playing is as usual - a progression from tee to green.
Navigate to your created game in the App, select Scorecard and tap Hole #1. While on the tee, tap your hole number and tap Set Tee Location. Choose from the selection of tee boxes shown. Your GPS distance appears. Save. Take your shot.
Are you on the Fairway or Other?
Proceed to your ball. While standing over your ball, select Fairway, Green or Other depending on where your ball is situated. The distance your ball traveled from your last shot is automatically calculated based on your selection and your distance to the green.
Your ball landed on the fairway:
If your new yardages do not show, tap Set New ball location 3 times and follow the prompts. Yardage adjustments according to your Level will apply. If your ball traveled the required distance for your level, you will receive a percentage increase on your scorecard. If your ball did not travel the required distance for your level, you will receive a percentage decrease on your scorecard.
Your ball landed on Other:
Your ball landed somewhere other than the Fairway or Green. That might have been in the rough or in the water. If the ball is unplayable as determined by your opponent or yourself, move the ball into the rough in a playable area towards the Fairway but no closer to the hole than where the ball is situated. If the ball was not found, follow the same procedure but with a new ball.
Ball landed on green?
Choose Green on the App. Attempt your first putt.
Answer the question: Is your ball within one Putter Length (3 feet) from the hole? Choose Yes or No.
- If Yes, the next prompt will ask if your ball is in the hole.
- If No, it will ask you again if the ball is within a Putter Length.
Maximum of 3 putts on the Green: 2 putts to get within a Putter Length and 1 to get it in the hole. If the ball lands in the hole from off the green or you sink your ball in a single putt, you are credited with the minimum shots allotted by pressing Yes both times. The game winner of a tie breaker is determined by the fewest shots taken.
Once the last prompt is asked whether your ball is in the hole or not and Yes or No is selected, the METAGOLF App will finalize the hole and move you to the next hole.
Golfers will receive a placement in the leaderboard when their points are high enough to qualify for the next playdown leading up to the final in our year-end tournament.
Not on the leaderboard yet? Your score will always show in your profile so you can gauge how much golf you need to play to score enough points to make the playdown. Watch the leaderboard for current standings of the top 16.