Golf Courses
Phone MetaGolf games can expand your course offerings and are available for tournaments and league play as well as individual golfers. Assign only one evening per month for tee times for head-to-head competition at your course.
Register your course and we will map your GPS co-ordinates hole by hole so players can enter their ball position information online through our app while they play.
Phone In the app, select from our list of MetaGolf’s GPS-ready golf courses or suggest our game to your home course. Only GPS-ready golf courses for your geographical area are listed. Download The app
Map Your Course
Let us install your GPS co-ordinates.
For self-starters and go-getters.
Are you a competitive golfer who likes working in sales? Or are you someone who enjoys working in sales so long as your work doesn't interfere with your golf? Perhaps you are a golfer in search of a career where you can be a self-starter and a go-getter. Learn More