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Compete against other golfers across Canada, no matter on which golf course you play, no matter how well you play. Let our system track your performance.

The MetaGolf App

Phone GPS Assisted Scoring
MetaGolf's Golf Stars is a competitive golf game designed for the competitive recreational golfer. It's a game for two people competing head-to-head on the golf course. Games are auto-scored hole-by-hole as you enter your ball position information online through the app.
Included in the app is The Perfect Golf Game, a game you can play to improve your accuracy and skill. Both games allow you to earn points to qualifying for our tournaments.
MetaGolf Introduction PDF
Playing and Scoring PDF
MetaGolf Instructional 6m Video

Golf Courses

Phone MetaGolf games can expand your course offerings and are available for tournaments and league play as well as individual golfers. Assign only one evening per month for tee times for head-to-head competition at your course.
Register your course and we will map your GPS co-ordinates hole by hole so players can enter their ball position information online through our app while they play. Map Your Course


Phone In the app, select from our list of MetaGolf’s GPS-ready golf courses or suggest our game to your home course. Only GPS-ready golf courses for your geographical area are listed. Download The app

Download The App

Scan the QR codes below to download or for direct links, select the images.

Map Your Course

Let us install your GPS co-ordinates.


Scoring is automatic. There are a series of prompts in conjunction with gps that determine where your ball lands and whether your score percentage goes up or down. Scoring is a percentage of made shots vs missed shots. If you make all of your shots you receive a 100% score and if you miss all of your shots you receive a 0% score. Most golfers will be somewhere in between.
Earn Points
Round Points
Complete The Perfect Golf game. 5
Complete a Golf Stars game. 10
Complete and win a Golf Stars game. 15
Score 90 points or higher and level up. 50
A golfer will receive a placement in the leaderboard when their points are high enough to qualify for the next round robin playoffs leading up to the Finals for each of the two annual tournaments. Your score will always show in your Profile so you can gauge how much golf you need to play, win, or advance in Levels, to make the round robin playoffs.
Playing and Scoring PDF


Set Tee Location
While on the tee, click on Set Tee Location. Choose from the selection of tee boxes shown. If there are more than 3 tee boxes, you may need to scroll to your teebox. Do this by pressing, holding and scrolling until your tee box color or name appears. Select. Your GPS distance appears. Save. Take your shot.
Fairway, Green or Other
Proceed to your ball. While standing over your ball, click on Fairway, Green or Other depending on where your ball is. The distance your ball traveled from your last shot is automatically calculated based on your selection and your distance to the green.
If your ball traveled the required distance for your level and your ball is on the fairway or green you will receive a percentage increase on your scorecard. If your ball did not travel the required distance and/or did not land on the fairway or green you will receive a percentage decrease on your scorecard. Choosing Other means that your ball has landed in a location other than the fairway or green.
Complications? Press New ball location 3 times and follow the prompts. Yardage adjustments according to your Level will apply.
Ball on Green?
Putting while on the green. The first prompt after choosing Green on the app and shooting your first putt is a request to answer whether your ball is within one Putter Length from the hole, Yes or No. A Yes is a positive percentage increase and a No is a negative percentage decrease.
If not, select No and continue putting until your ball is within a Putter Length (a Putter Length is equal to 3 feet). From there you only have one putt to get your ball in the hole. Once Yes or No is selected the app will finalize the hole and move you to the next hole. If the ball lands in the hole from off the green or you one putt, you are credited the same as making both putts.


Phone Qualify For Our MetaGolf Year End Tournament
Scoring points in the top 16 on our Leaderboard gets golfers into the 2022 round robin semi-finals. Top 4 golfers from there play head-to-head in the year-end tournament finals for cash and other prizes. Finals will be held at the Collicutt Siding Golf Club on Saturday, September 3rd at 2 pm.


Phone Your ad appears every time a game is finalized in either of our apps, Golf Stars or The Perfect Golf Game. Ads rotate for up to 3 months. Sponsorship logo with link will appear on our website.


Are you a competitive golfer who likes working in sales? Or are you someone who enjoys working in sales so long as your work doesn't interfere with your golf? Perhaps you are a golfer in search of a career where you can be a self-starter and a go-getter.
MetaGolf has a career opportunity that may be the perfect answer for you. With a next-generation approach to playing golf competitively using an app, the opportunities to bring the concept into the marketplace are wide open. MetaGolf is seeking persons across Canada who enjoy being early adopters in a world where employing digital support to competitive golf could be a game-changer.
Contact to learn more. Enter MetaGolf Career in the subject line ... or fill out the form below.

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